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"Very nice experience.
Helps if you already know the song.
Only for true music lovers.
Easy to plug in, and user-friendly." Suresh Pallavi, Ambala – Oct 05, 2015
"Fantastic product, must buy machine for karaoke singers."Samir Jhunjhunwala, Bikaner – Sept 17, 2015
"Good system for beginners, easy to use, good collection of songs (Hindi + Marathi). Can have fun time with family & friends instead of just watching TV. some songs are different than original-scale, rhythm etc. "Praveen Shinde, Mumbai – Sept 12, 2015
"A tried n tested product that is perfectly suited for personal, leisure singing. It's a hit within the family especially if you are fine with old songs. A few songs from 1990s also available in-built. However, one difference that this has from previous versions is that the headphone input is missing. That would have been useful. It is not mentioned explicitly in the description. Other than that, quality is fine. Enjoying thoroughly."Sumit Chawla, Gurgaon – Aug 28, 2015
"Liked it very much."Ajit Kabra, Guwahati – Aug 13, 2015
"The audio library isn't as updated as I would like, but it's fine. Also, there's a slight lag in the lyrics displayed onscreen, but overall it's a great thing to have for parties. Almost everyone at home fights to sing their turn every time."Naresh Bharadwaj, Patna – Aug 07, 2015
"This is my second one..I bought this for the new set of songs. It is still good but lower rating since number of new songs are very few."Amit Taneja, Delhi – July 15, 2015
"Very nice device for music lover especially who would like to sing along."Arun Sharma, Faridabad – July 09, 2015
"It's Perfect bought it for my friend.... We all are enjoying it!"Mohammad Asif, Srinagar – July 01, 2015
"I get the cordless instrument. I take an opportunity to appreciate the services all the best."Ajit Roy, Bangalore – June 25, 2015
"MAGIC SING provide high end karaoke microphone. Everyone should buy."Nitesh Tak, Udaipur – May 22, 2015
"Its a very nice product. Very good sound quality, great features, easy to use everything is great except some new songs. In-short if you are fond of old songs then definitely its a GO!!!"Suresh Patel, Ahmedabad – Feb 13, 2015
"The best Karaoke system you can find at this point of time. Worth the cost."Harmit Singh, Chandigarh – Jan 17, 2015.
"Yes Magic Sing ET-25K did meet my expectations. It's a great device for Karaoke beginners like me. Also it's very easy to set up. Magic Sing can include more Marathi songs to the list. Infact all my friends who saw it, now wish to buy one also. I would surely recommend this mic to all who are interested."Ajit Kumar, Nagpur – Jan 03, 2015.
"Magic Sing Karaoke is the best thing I have purchased for a long time. It has brought us so much fun and entertainment. I would recommend it to anyone who likes to have fun and entertain with family and friends. The portability and quality of this karaoke microphone is amazing. It out performs anything I have used in the past. The customer service is also excellent."Sachin Mehta, Delhi - Dec 15, 2014
"Fast & quick response and delivery of goods in excellent condition. Magic Sing is amazing and has provided me with hours of entertainment. Highly recommended."Sandeep Patil, Mumbai - Nov 03, 2014
"Very nice device for music lover especially who would like to sing along... In my experience there some mistake in programming as some lyrics missing or delayed with the melody or delayed melody with song ... in a few songs. Some song terminate in middle ."Roshan Singh, Delhi - Oct 27, 2014
"Good right in time... easy to deal with... excellent product, service and communication. Recommend AAAAA+++thanks ." R. Sharma, Delhi - Sept 22, 2014
"Great communication! Item arrived quickly! Great help with questions. Nice people to deal with and very good product ."Vinod Banarjee, Kolkata - Sept 11, 2014
"I just ordered the’s awesome and fast friendly service too. They accommodate all reasonable requests. Can't wait to order one more from you. Highly recommended ."G.D. Bajaj, Bangalore - July 26, 2014
"The Magic Sing is the best thing that could have happened to our family. We have so much of fun trying to compete with one another. My kids are simply enjoying the MIC as well. Thank you very much for your 100% help and information and also following thru up until I received the product. Will definitely recommend them to anybody in Kolkata. I am getting quite popular with my very different Karaoke system. Kindly keep me posted of any updates/new releases ."Amrita Ghosh, Kolkata - May 11, 2014
"Thank you for this wonderful product. The karaoke I bought was fantastic and the whole family enjoyed it immensely. The kids love it, I love it and so does my hubby. We don't entertain much but we love spending quality time with the kids and this has been a real treat for the kids. The product is wonderful, the service and communication is professional, and the delivery was fast and efficient. Highly recommend. Keep up the good work."Ashok Ojha, Pune - Jan 08, 2014
"Since they invented this Karaoke Microphones only my life went from sad to happy. I recommend everyone 100% to buy one, which my friends have and I do not repent buying this enjoyable MIC. I love it."Sunil Devrajan, Hyderabad - Dec 12, 2013
"It's hard to play with the Magic Sing myself as my kids don´t leave it alone ." Deepika Chawla, Noida - Nov 09, 2013
"Magic Sing Karaoke is the best thing that could have happened to our family. We have so much of fun trying to compete with one another in our group."Naresh Sood, Delhi - Oct 28, 2013
"We don’t entertain much but we love spending quality time with the kids and this has been a great treat for my kids. Magic Sing is a great product so that my kids love it. I love it too and so does my hubby. Thanks to magic sing we have great bonding in my family." Mohinder Singh, Ludhiana - July 11, 2013
"Fast transaction, Very good product, excellent person to deal with ."Anita Biswas, Delhi - June 28, 2013
"I am very pleased with your customer support and service and the timely matter the package arrived. Thank you very much and happy vacations ."Ajeet Singh, Gurgaon - March 20, 2013
"Magic sing karaoke is a great experience now I can feel like a star singer and I can impress my friends with this product."Suresh Sharma, Noida - Feb 23, 2013
"My friends are now use to come at my house we do karaoke party at my home and now I had increase my friend circle. Very much satisfied with my karaoke mike super duper fast shipping ." Devender Rana, Jaipur - Dec 14, 2012
"This product has amazingly quality feel and sound about it. And get this. It does everything. I feel like lead singer ." Amit Bhandari, Delhi – Nov 18, 2012