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Why MagicSing?
MagicSing provides compact easy-to-operate karaoke products packed with the features and functionality only previously available from....
Magic Sing Karaoke is the best thing I have purchased for a long time. It has brought us so much fun and entertainment.
By Harry Anand

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Event & Info
  • Your heart wants singing!!!
    Now MagicSing is in your hand. Just try to become a Bollywood singing star with MagicSing and call your family and friends at your own KARAOKE party.!!! Let’s have fun together and take...
  • Your heart wants singing!!!
    We all appreciate your purchasing of MagicSing, World No. 1 KARAOKE Microphone. Now we would like to listen to your valuable voices after enjoying & using with MagicSing. It will be a great help and...
  • Your hear wants singing!!!
    We, the leading KARAOKE Microphone company, introduces the All New MagicSing Microphones of ET25K & ET19KV. These models are perfect for anyone who seeks a outstanding karaoke system with a rich...